BingAds Adds Ad Extensions to Paid SERPS – Down by the Seashore?


For those of you running beta’s in BingAds Lab, specifically for Call-out Extensions, time to replicate in the live UI as they’ve announced deprecation in Ads Lab.  There are a whole bunch of fun new ad extensions for the ensuing land-grab, coming to an industry near and dear to you.


New Extensions For The Rest of Us

For all you advertisers who haven’t been able to participate in this beta previously, or for those just finding out about it, we can now add call-out extensions to campaigns and adgroups through the Extensions tab.  And if you haven’t noticed the long list of extensions options, be sure to check it twice and make sure you are taking advantage of options that could help you connect in better ways through paid search.


Yes They Offer Image Extensions in Bing

Don’t remember the big 3-pack of images from the Google Adwords beta?  We’ll it doesn’t matter anyway because now you have the opportunity to score some SERP real-estate that comes with ocean-front property views, pictures of your favorite cats, or whatever you can capture to best influence clicks to your page.


Pull In Reviews to Show With Ads

Need a little testimony in your life?  Don’t we all.  How about adding some of your reviews from your amazingly happy customers.  Big national company with 3 Yelp reviews?  No problem, pull the real ones from Google, Trustpilot, Stella?, or an authoritative source.

You’re Not Advertising in Bing & Yahoo?

What are you crayzay?  Stop reading this and go setup a campaign now!  You’ll probably see higher ROI than what you see in Adwords.  Need help? Give me a shout and let me know how I can help.